Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Coop Progress

It's been a while since I updated you on the coop progress.

It's slow.

It won't stop raining every other day.



About a week and half ago, Gene climbed up on the roof and put down the sheathing. It was scary, the whole thing wobbled as we took the braces off. During this process, I got a LOT OF DIRT in my hair.



We started putting the siding on, and Tanner has been helping with the process a lot. You can see the original color here, which is ugly and kinda fuschia pink. It was 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of burgandy.

In the end, I decided when I needed more paint to get 2 gallons of Kilz barn paint, with primer added. If you want a barn red ANYTHING, just buy this stuff. It's awesome.


This was yesterday. We got the top row of siding on, but the door was not on yet. It's starting to actually look like something.

"Something" being the key word here.

No pic yet for today's work, as I was out at a shoot while Gene was working on the coop and Tanner was cooking dinner (I could get used to that!) Gene got the door framed in, and the door on. Did I mention that my chickens have a high end full view glass door? LOL. I'm going to etch the glass with a rooster and "Cease fire ranch" around it", so that the racoons can't just look in and say "i got my eye on you fatty".

Move in date is planned for TOMORROW (Wednesday afternoon).

And the heavenly music rains down from above and all is quiet again at the Cease Fire Ranch...

Moon Rise over the coop

Except for those ducks.
They won't shut up.


PS. I didn't catch it until today, but one of my photos was featured on Shutter Sisters One Word Project last week! Woot! Word of the month is "Hold".

Pretty cool considering that they literally get thousands of submissions a month!


ceedeedee said...

Did you see this blog post about coops from just a day or two ago?

Lana said...

No I did not! but thank you, that was an awesome post!

Good to see you here, I haven't seen you post in a while :)

Tracy said...

Nice to see everything coming together.

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