Thursday, April 8, 2010

The chicken fortress in progress....

I'm going to be gone this weekend. I'm going to a hair show (of all things!) with my cute sister and my crazy mom. We will have fun even tho I will be clueless about 94% of the time.

Anyway, Gene will stay home (his hair is 1/8" long. He's not interested). Because of this, we won't be able to work on the chick coop/run this weekend. So we had a conversation about working a little each day on the coop if the weather would cooperate.

Monday, Gene came home and we decided that we would have a coop raising. Just the two of us. This could be interesting. ;)


We didn't tip a darn thing over!

No really!

Gene then climbed the ladder (something I can't do cuz I'm askeered) and put the top plate on. This thing is dubbed the chicken fortress! It's made of the heaviest 2x6's known to man and anchored to concrete. I've decided that when a tornado comes, I'm going to head to the chicken coop!

Tuesday, I was still very much in the mood to get going on the coop, but there was little I could do by myself. So I started working on the run. It is L shaped and 16' long, and 16' wide. 2 sides will be fencing, and 2 sides will be chicken wire. I used 2x6's for the cross boards that the chicken wire and fencing to be attached to.

Did I mention they are the heaviest 2x6's known to man? Well, they are! They are also not true 8' long. I also suck at making straight lines on a run. If it were a deck on my house, I'd be re-digging 3 post holes right now.

Measure twice, cut once kids. It's a good rule.

So after a lot of cussing, I got a 7.5' section of fencing up, and boards ready to put up the chicken wire.


Go me!

It was a surprise for my husband, and he was very happy when he got home. I will probably finish the rest of the run myself (except for the cover).

In the process of pulling the boards for the fencing, I re-discovered the toad princess that lived under the pile. Yes, her name is the toad princess. (it's long story).


Slowly but surely wins the race.

I'm most excited that a majority of the coop is being created by reclaimed wood and materials. It's cheap (cheep?) and makes our environment happy... but mostly it's cheap. lol

Last winter when we got our fridge, we had to rip out a countertop. I was hell bent on keeping it, I'd find a place for it someday. Well, we found a place, eventually in the coop for storage. My chickens will have granite to poop on. Those are some high stylin' chickens!



Warning Mr. Spider. Chickens think you taste good.
You are warned.


Tuesday Gene anchored the whole thing down to the cement because his co-worker freaked out that he hadn't done it yet, and was worried it was going to blow away.

Trust me. That will not happen. But we did it anyway.

Gene asked for Wednesday off, since I determined the chickens are going to be living inside for a while.


Yeah, they can't go out until they are 6 weeks old.

I'm thinking Tanner can sleep on the floor right? I mean, they can live back there. It's just chicken poop, it washes off.




Tracy said...

A home built for a.....well chickens. LOL
Looks like you will have some high styl'n chickens.

M!ssPr!ssy said...

Now that was quick. Let say one day you went to the store and came home with an elephant? Would hubby as quick to construct oh lets say a zoo?

Megan said...

Seems like a great fortress (shouldn't every person get to live in a fortress?).

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