Wednesday, April 7, 2010

102 MORE things about me

Around a year or so ago, I made a post of 101 things about me, in response to my friend Laurie Ann's similar post.
Frankly, I've thought of 102 more. Yes, I know, bear with me here.

1. I secretly desire to play the cello.
2. I can't play any instrument at all tho.
3. My favorite place to eat ever, is Waffle House. (yeah I know)
4. My desk is messy *all the time* I give up.
5. I chase Jingles off said desk at least 10 times a day
6. If I could be anything in the world, first I'd be an investigator (FBI preferred), and second I would travel the world being a freelance photographer.
7. I want to go on an African safari someday.
8. I have a horse and deer fetish
9. I have some of the craziest dreams EVER. Imagine things like purple goats and teddy bears that eat your face. That kinda crazy.
10. I have a soft spot for baskets. But only ones with square corners and no handles. They're just so darn practical.
11. I keep a heater under my desk to keep my feet warm. In the spring I have to MAKE myself unplug it and put it away or I'll kick it on even in July.
12. I have a brand new jeep wrangler, but honestly, I think I like driving my 10 year old neon better. There-I said it! LOL.
13. When I hear "They took all the trees, and put em in a tree museum, And they charged the people a dollar and a half to see them" in "They Paved Paradise" by counting crows, I always think of Bass Pro Shops.
14. I HATE with a passion, people putting things in my purse, paper in particular
15. I HATE even more, having to be the "keeper of all things receipt related".
16. My favorite food of all time is Skippy creamy peanut butter. If I were on death row, it would be my final meal.
17. I made a bucket list a long time before anyone knew what a bucket list was.
18. I'd give up a toe to be at my goal weight.
19. I'd give up a second toe for a garage.
20. I could sit in my yard all day and take photos of flowers, bees, butterflies and leaves.
21. I LOATHE the sound of crinkling wrappers/papers. Not a newspaper, but a candy wrapper, I hate that.
22. I think every woman should know how to run power tools like band saws, miter saws, nail guns, etc.
23. I think I want a chainsaw.
24. Years ago, I bought a Signcraft magazine and totally got lost in the idea of becoming a sign painter for years.
25. I also LOVE pin striping and still want to get a set of pin striping brushes and play.
26. I watch American Idol every year, but have never bought any idol albums. In fact, I rarely listen to music.
27. My favorite thing to listen to on the radio, is Dave Ramsey.
28. If I could live my life over again, I'd go back and get a criminal justice degree - investigations or pre-law. I'd probably end up either an investigator or lawyer.
29. I'm still contemplating getting a CJ degree, now if I could just find a way to do it for free, I'm in.
30. I took around 75,000 photos last year.
31. Some grammar trips me up, sorry in advance. Was/were thing makes me sound like a redneck, and I never know if I should say further or farther, so I'll rewrite a sentence so I don't have to say it. Sometimes I google to find the answer. I think I'm doing better with who/whom.
32. I'm a google savant. People call me find things for them on the internet. (going back to the investigation thing).
33. I wish I knew how to be closer, to the people I'm "close" to.
34. I used to do web design as a part time job. I quit around the time all sites started going to flash. I'm not a fan.
35. I want a duck.
36. I want chickens too.
37. I'm trying to talk Gene into starting a pumpkin patch.
38. One of my goals is to build a tiny chapel. Just because I want one. I already have it named. Someday I'll tell you the name :p
39. If I ever had another child, (which I won't) and it was a girl, I'd name it Abbey Road Cease. Yes, after the beatles.
40. If it were a boy (not gonna happen), I'd name it Reagan Walker Cease (yes, after the presidents). OR Jesse James Cease - which would be appropriate if we had a child I'm sure.
41. I wish I'd named Tanner, Towney, after his great-great grandpa. It's a cool name. Tanner hates it.
42. If I ever had another child, I'm sure I would have thoughts of slitting my wrists at some point. :p
43. I clip coupons.
44. I suck at organizing paper.
45. If I could trip back in time with my time machine, I'd spend a few days in the 40's.
46. I currently have to drive to town every day to get my mail because I ran over my old one. Oops. It's ok, I hated it anyway. (update: not anymore!)
47. I love the color chocolate brown. I have determined that brown goes with anything. Yes, including black.
48. The weight on my drivers license has been wrong for like 20 years. (and probably always will be)
49. My favorite place to shop is Michaels craft store.
50. I think spray paint is an awesome invention.
51. I'm only half way there! ugh.
52. Gene, Tanner and I made over 60 pints of apple butter this fall. Everyone loves it.
53. I have researched making my own shampoo, but I'm fairly confident my little sister's head would implode. (hair stylist)
54. I don't have long hair because my husband loves it. I have long hair and he just happens to love it.
55. My mom hates long hair on anyone.
56. I hate short hair on almost everyone.
57. I'm ok with people when they disagree with me. (respectfully)
58. Someday I want go rockclimbing.
59. I think that most things can be new again with just a can of spray paint.
60. I'm scared of the ocean.
61. I flew to England twice, 4 times over the ocean, didn't look out the window once.
62. I have seen every single episode of M*A*S*H, Friends, and the Brady Bunch multiple times.
63. Probably one of my favorite sounds in the world, is frogs croaking.
64. omg I'll never get to the end of this list!
65. My mom taught me to sew when I was about 5 (by hand) and on a machine around age 10.
66. I can design my own sewing patterns.
67. I think that Utah is quite possibly one of the most beautiful places on earth.
68. I fantasize weekly on what the perfect garage would be like.
69. I can talk in a funny cartoon voice that my friend Stacy taught me in high school. Only about 4 of us could do it. We were the bungis. Yes, I was so not cool in HS. (ask me sometime, i'll do it for you!)
70. I had almost a full ride to college and didn't go. (huge mistake)
71. My major was going to be journalism (also a huge mistake I was glad I did not make)
72. My front teeth are slightly crooked. My husband and a long ago old boyfriend both told me I should never fix it. (wth?)
73. After I moved to the country, I became allergic to grass.
74. I love to lay in the grass.
75. Someday I'll have a kitchen that is turquoise, pink, and red - very post war modern kitsch.
76. I don't have to hit the powerball, but if I did, I would pay off some bills for a few family members. I would not be all that "free" with my money, unless it was for charities. (I have a short list of people I would not take care of! *ouch*)
77. I have 3 tattoos and I'm not 100% happy with any of them. Maybe I should take the hint.
78. I started to write a book once called 100 ways to advertise for free or almost free. I still think about finishing it someday.
79. I love marketing.
80. This is the first blog I visit every single day.
81. This is where I go every single Sunday morning.
82. I'm a bloodhound. When I got on the trail of something I want to know, I will get myself lost in the information.
83. Gene taught me how to shoot.
84. But I still want to join a range.
85. And get a conceal carry.
86. Yes, I probably am a redneck.
87. Glitter is awesome
88. I am on a quest for the perfect purse.
89. I hate washing dishes by hand. I want a dishwasher.
90. I decided I'd rather have a beverage refrigerator first tho.
91. Gene got me hooked on sausage. That's a BAD THING.
92. I'd rather buy an ox for charity than go Christmas shopping next year.
93. I have an idea for the most unique book ever. More a piece of artwork, and less a book.
94. I have a sunglasses fetish.
95. This is the last time I'll make a list like this!
96. OMG I'm almost done!
97. I love the smell of spicy apples, playdoh and crayons (but not all at once!)
98. I'm most scared of losing someone important to me.
99. Because of that, I have death phobia/paranoia.
100. I love to travel but haven't flown in about 4 years.
101. I can't think of many things I'd change about my life.
102. Yay I'm finally done (this took me 4 months of thinking of things!)

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