Wednesday, August 20, 2008

101 Things...

I was reading my friend Laurie Ann's blog the other day, and she had a post of 102 things about her. I thought it was fun, so decided I'd do it too!

1. I'm married to an awesome guy, Gene, (looking at watch) around 6 weeks.
2. I have 2 boys, Seth is almost 19, Tanner is almost 14.
3. I just bought a house in the country last year.
4. I'm currently unemployed
5. I have 2 cats. Mack and Jingles
6. I'm the middle child of 5.
7. I've known my best friend Stacy since we were 14.
8. I have a natural tan for the first time in my life.
9. My favorite color is pink.
10. I used to be a teddy bear artist.
11. I won the CK scrapbookers hall of fame the first time I tried (2001).
12. I could probably afford to buy a new car, but I don't because my old car (2000 dodge neon) is the *best car ever made*.
13. I wear false nails.
14. Sometimes I wear false eyelashes too.
15. I used to be a body builder wannabe.
16. I can legpress over 600 pounds.
17. My favorite food is probably LaBonita taco salad.
18. I prefer silver/white gold over yellow gold.
19. I love photography.
20. I have to read all my blogs every day - there's around 12.
21. I still love to scrapbook - I have my own room.
22. I've owned this computer since 2002
23. My first job was washing laundry at a care facility
24. I have a huge spice drawer, but would be ok with just salt and pepper.
25. Sometimes I think Gene and I are psychic.
26. I believe in past lives (and I think I'm really old).
27. I love celebrity gossip - but NEVER buy the tabloids.
28. My favorite places on earth are England, Utah and the california redwoods.
29. People say that I'm creative, and I feel like I"m not good enough to warrant that opinion.
30. I kill plants (not on purpose)
31. I really like socks - they have to be really snug
32. I wear said socks wrong side out.
33. I collect pottery.
34. I have a bear collection I don't add to anymore.
35. I also have a mini metal lunch box collection.
36. My favorite candle is hazelnut cream from walmart.
37. I love old lady garage sales.
38. I love LOVE vintage embroidered tableclothes - but don't like to use them.
39. My wedding dress looked like an american flag.
40. I think the 3 most beautiful women in the world are Angelina Jolie, Tyra Banks and my sister Amber. In that order.
41. I've seen the movie 16 candles around 40 times.
42. I love corn fields.
43. I hate the taste of corn.
44. I can cook pretty well, but don't like to.
45. I rarely listen to music.
46. If I do listen to music, my 2 favs are Faith Hill and Lynard Skynard.
47. I'm a night owl
48. I drink diet coke instead of coffee
49. I HATE being interrupted while speaking.
50. I love pink tourmaline.
51. My favorite tv show is American Idol.
52. I listen to court shows all day long.
53. I hate clutter
54. I wish I had a garage.
55. I love to vacuum.
56. Gene and I installed all our own wood floors.
57. I'm proud of the life I lead and the things I've accomplished.
58. I'm supposed to wear glasses but havent since 2001.
59. I pick peaches at the grocery store by smelling them (so if I don't buy it, my nose has touched it... sorry).
60. I think the 3 most handsome men are Matthew McConahey, Big Paul Tuttle Sr and my husband. In that order.
61. I want to own a log cabin someday.
62. I plan on moving to England at some point in my life, if just for a couple years.
63. I love anything sparkly.
64. Finding Nemo is probably my favorite movie.
65. I eat cereal in bed every morning.
66. I'm clausterphobic
67. I don't have a degree, and wish I did.
68. I'm a windshield savant.
69. I don't do weekly shopping trips. I buy bits and bats as I need them.
70. I hate walmart.
71. I do almost all my shopping at walmart.
72. I sleep to a sound machine - a babbling creek.
73. I'm proud of my mom.
74. I feel sexy in flip flops.
75. I like alone time.
76. I have a tattoo of tigger from winnie the pooh on my ankle.
77. I want a tattoo of our monogram on my left wrist.
78. My favorite flowers are pink gerbera daisies.
79. I always cry at weddings, proposals and those stupid on-star commercials. LOL.
80. Tanner has 3 mice, but I take care of them when he's gone - so they are my mice too... and they're cute.
81. I love to blog.
82. I like to guess where planes are flying to that I see streaking across the sky.
83. I have a dead bat framed in my scrapbook room.
84. I believe in God.
85. I don't keep any secrets from Gene (well, nothing big ;)
86. I have a collection of antique cameras
87. I love old melamine dishes
88. I have a magazine and scrapbook album addiction.
89. I prefer men with facial hair
90. I hate being late, and I think it's disprespectful if you are late to something I invited you to.
91. I love wrapping presents.
92. My favorite holiday is Halloween.
93. I'm a republican
94. I love getting snail mail.
95. I have over 10,000 photographs
96. I also used to collect antique baby photos
97. I recycle.
98. We are completely remodeling our home on our own.
99. I kiss Jingles at least 10 times a day.
100. g is the prettiest letter in the alphbet (lower case)
101. I'm the happiest I've ever been in my whole life.

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Sara said...

Hi! Found you from 2P's...LOVED the 101 things list!

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