Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Thursday to you.

Oh rain, you fickle bitch beauty, you. Why you gotta be like this baby? I know we complained in may, about how much you "shared" with us, but sometimes less is more. And sometimes less is less. Thank you for popping by. Could you stop back by tomorrow? I'll put out something nice for ya... like a plant, or a bucket.

I love macro. *love love love* it. If you could make a million $$ selling macros, I'd be there. I suppose you can, but how many macro photographers do they need... really? to me it's amazing to look at this *thing* and take a photo, and when you upload it, there's a whole other world.
Like the droplet on the blade of grass. There's 2 little "antennea" on the droplet. I couldn't see that when I took it. Like on the droplets, you can see reflections of the trees. click on the photo to see the full image to really appreciate the picture. Several are cropped to focus on one area of the photo, so they would be deemed unprintable, but I just wanna look at them is all.
All of these were taken with my kit lense, which most ppl toss in the garbage, but since I'm not rich, I make due with what I have. I *really* want a good macro, but first, the money lense for portraits. Make some $$ from portraits and then get my macro lense :) Win-win?
But daddy I want it nooooooooow.
Off to Weight watchers in like 5 min, so I probably outta put some makeup on so I don't scare the masses. We'll see what the official tally is. I know it will be pretty decent as I can feel it. My summer capris are all loose now, and I can wear my skinny jeans that I outgrew over the winter. (one size smaller thankyouverymuch).
Plumbing issues again. Gene gets to do that when he gets home.
He'll be growly.
More later!

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