Monday, August 25, 2008

So what's next?

What do I plan on doing today?

Well, there's the usual. It's monday after all. I'll wash laundry, and clean house. Try to reassemble it to something livable after it was torn to shreds in the plumbing process.

It's already started. Make the water so hot that you can't put your hands in it and let last night's dinner melt itself off. There's one load on the line, on in the washer and one on deck. Then that's done. There's a load of dishes in the sink, soaking, because that's how I roll.

I suppose I'll stand at the clothesline, contemplating the rotation of the earth and where exactly it's going next. I'll write a 'tale from the clothesline' in my head, and then I'll come back inside, and decide if I'm going to actually write it down or not. Sometimes I don't. Sometimes the moment passes and that little glimpse of knowledge is gone forever. That's ok sometimes.

I have some emails planned for today too, catching up with some ppl I love, and that love me back (i'm pretty sure of that anyway).

And I suppose I'll just sit. And think. And let it go.

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