Wednesday, August 20, 2008


self portrait 4/365

Good Wednesday morning!

Good day so far. Tanner is off to school. And I know, even tho I say "YAY" I'm just kidding because he's only a pest about 60% of the time. JUST KIDDING! He's actually a very good kid, a joy to be around. He didn't seem upset that school was getting ready to start. When I was a kid, I remember always being super excited for my first day, and about 3 weeks into summer, I was ready for school.
singing: "In the shape of an L on her forehead..."

I have some good-ish news.
I've neglected to say anything, because I didn't want to jinx it, but I'm hoping I'm past the jinx stage. I have unofficially lost 12.5 pounds! It will be official when I go to weight watchers meeting tomorrow. It will probably be a little less as their scale and my clothes throw me off a bit, but that's on my own doctor's scale *at home*.
I have done something already, I haven't accomplished in around 5 years, I've broken the 10 pound barrier! I would get to 2 weeks and 9.5 pounds and *pffft* that was it. I'd have a setback.
I have already noticed that my clothes are fitting looser, and some pants that I "outgrew" last winter, I'm already back into. Yay for not having to buy clothes!

I talked about this at the beginning of the year. No, I didn't make my goal of 40# by the wedding, for some reason, I'm totally OK with that. I guess it was just too much all at one time to handle. And, I think that I was still pretty on my wedding day. Anyway, I still think that with some serious hard work, I could meet the year end goal of 65#. I'd be thrilled with 40. Right now, I'm just focusing on 5 pounds at a time, so I don't care about the big picture, just the little picture. Next goal. 15#.

I have some goals, that is to follow what I did last time I lost *a lot* of weight. First, I just went to weight watchers for a while and followed the eating plan. I lost 25-30 then started walking and exercising. I got up to 65#, and then hit a plateau, so I switched to body for life and got buff and lost around 20-25 more pounds.
I just wanna find *her* again. she's there, I'll find her.

Circa 2002

I may veer from my plan a bit, and start working out sooner as the weather is cooperating at the moment. (which sucks IMO!).

Working on a few things today, photo related, house wise and just some fun stuff. I'm hoping I'll make it back this afternoon!

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