Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sharing our wedding....

Finally got a chance to get some old pics burned onto dvd's so I could get enough room on my computer to start messing with the wedding pics.

Here are some of my favorites from the wedding... not in chronological order as I'm tired and I was ready to go to bed about an hour ago lol.

This is us out in the trees at the park, on a bridge having some photos done.

This is the gown I made. I wanted something more comfy to change into, so I made this. I love it. It's *so comfortable* as it's made from red jersey knit. I learned to sew on jersey for this dress. It's really fun once you get the hang of it.

A good from behind shot of my dress so you can see all the pretty stripes! I made the jacket for it too.

I love this picture. it's of me, holding the paper I'd written my vows on. I had to write it down because I was so scared I'd get nervous and forget.

Here you can kinda see how pretty the lodge is with all the stonework.

I love this picture of laura. It's *so her*. And this picture is also funny, as you can see everyone is praying.. except amber. whats up with that? lol

The kiss.

Best gal and ring girl.

This is Me hugging Carol. She's saying to me here "welcome to the family"... :) Gene's family are great. I adore them all.

Me tromping through the dirt to get to the bridge and not caring :)

Me and the eldest. I really love this pic of us.

I made 70 custom sparkler folders that we gave as favors. the kids loved them.

This is our "guestbook". Instead of a book, we had each person sign a canvas tile that I'd painted with our last inital. The each go on a peg and then we're going to hang them in the house, but I've not hung it yet because I can't decide where.

The family shot.

We set up croquet for the guest to play and many people did. Gene and I did not play a full round but about 1/2 for the camera.

Non-traditional cake. We had homemade individual cheesecakes and one cutting cake.

Our cake with the topper... which I made. I bought the letter on ebay and covered it with Martha Stewart glitter. I *love* it.

The groom's cake. LOL. If I were to do it all over again, I'd just have this cake. It makes me laugh and we had way too much cake!!!

Getting ready for the toast.

I laughed hard when I saw this. Amy (pink) looks 9 feet tall. LOL. It's a trick of the lense but man, she's freakishly huge here.

This is the bracelet I wore. It was my mom's when she was a little girl.

Gene and I with Gene's oldest, Chris. He's in the army. Doesn't he look handsome and dapper in his uniform!?

That's it. Sorry it's not more clever and witty, I'm seriously so tired.

Next, it's time to work on a photo slideshow of our wedding photos. Tanner and I bought an external dvd burner and the software to make them. super fun.


Linnao said...

Came here via 2 peas! Great pictures, love your dress :D Congratulations on 5 weeks!

Lily said...

OMG! I just, love, love, love how you made this wedding your own! Your beauty, individuality and definitely patritism shine through. I am so jealous that you can scrap them with cool 4th of July paper instead of traditional wedding stuff. I so want you to be my new best friend! You rock, Sista!

Lana said...

oh my gosh, you ladies are sweet. Come over and we'll scrap!

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