Friday, August 15, 2008

I can't sleep

I feel kinda like i have stalkers here. You realize, that in around a month, I've had 2500 views of this blog? no really. Now either 2 ppl are hitting refresh 30 times a day (entirely possible) or there's some regulars here. who you are, I don't know (i know a few), but no one ever comments so I don't know for sure.

Now I'm not complaining - don't get me wrong. In a way, contemplating the comments section, there's part of me that considers just turning it off. There's a sort of exhibitionist quality, to putting it all out there, and never knowing for sure who's {looking} at you. I can speak, and say what I please, but never have to hear an answer. I like it.

A couple months ago, I whined about wanting a "project". Something like the "this day in may" that I did in '06. I wanted a project so I made up the May project which essentially, the "rules" were, that I had to take 25 pictures a day, with my camera phone and at least one picture had to be of me. I did it! I picked May because so much was going on that month, I saw gene (twice I think), a friend came to visit, went to torrie's bachelorette party, other stuff I can't remember LOL.

Anyway, I loved it, but it was a lot to stay on top of. Everyone was cool with it, and really supportive. Well, I've been itching for something else.

I've decided on 365 days AND 100 Strangers.

365 Days is a self portrait challenge. Take a picture every day of yourself and share it with the group. I'm up for a challenge. This one will take a *year*, dude that's big.

Here's my first entry. I actually took this *before* I decided to join in. Then I figured it was fate so I decided that it was meant to be, that I should go for it. I think I'll probably share here too.

This one, I just did because I wanted to see if I could do it. It's harder than you think to pose, hold the camera still, get it centered correctly and have it in focus. I took 28 pics. this was my favorite - and I had to crop it. LOL. Man I have kick ass hair. ;)

The second project is {scary}.

100 strangers.

Just like the title says, you have to approach and photograph 100 strangers. This might take a while. I'll share that here too of course. That also means toting my camera way more than I do now, oh, and it also means that I should get a smaller sturdy camera bag.

Got *something* accomplished today. No really I didn't spend the *entire* day on flickr. (i'm going to have to get an egg timer to keep it in check).

I got those dishes done. *that's big*. There wasn't a lot, it's just that the kitchen plumbing is unhooked at the moment, and so I had to tote water. It's harder than you might think to do it that way.

I also unloaded a bunch of dollhouse stuff and some scrapbook stuff. Oh, and I zoomed a garage sale and decided to stop. Found a vintage can of Lincoln logs.. almost left because there was no price, and I kid you not, it took more than 5 min for them to go find someone to tell them how much it was *this was an adult* *eyeroll*.

50 cents? Sold.

Get home, they sell for around 20 bucks on ebay.


Going to go and try to find some of those other goodies tomorrow. If I can make myself sleep. I'm still not all that tired!


ally™ said...

I'll come out of hiding and admit that I'm a reader. :) I think I found your blog on 2 peas. Loved that completely awesome wedding dress!!!

Lana said...

aww... HI ALLY! You rock!

Sissykidd said...

I did P365 for all of 2007 but i just did a photo a day of anything that reminded me of my day.
I was planning on doing it with friends (5 of us) and I was the only that compleeted it!!!
I just wanted to cheer you on!! Found your blog though 2Ps on the 101 things but your 365 caught my eye.

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