Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday updates

Well, weekend is out of the way, Monday morning with things to get done like pay bills (bleh), mail a package or more (bleh bleh), catch up on emails (bleh bleh bleh). So basically, nothing actually *fun*. There is laundry.

I tried to do some laundry yesterday, Gene's clothes were soooo muddy from being under the house, that I had to wash them twice. Then I put them on the clothesline at like 5:00 p.m. and at 8:30 they were still damp. oops.

August has been a big wussy so far this year. It came in with a bang and at this rate will run out, with a wimper and a tail between it's legs. I'm *so not ready* for cool weather.

We went swimming last night, and I was educated on the difference between arm warm, and leg warm. so if you wanna test the pool temp, put in your leg first, not your arm. LOL. It only took 40 min of shivering to warm up :p

Gene's parents came up yesterday and we had a nice time. We had king crab and steaks (both were yummy)... Gene's mom had never had it, and decided that it was ok, but not her favorite, but she love the steak and potato. I on the other hand, really dug into the crab because seafood = low fat (tradtionally) and it was yummy. Too bad you dip it in butter. lol.

Mom leaves for alaska today. My uncle (her brother) lives there through the summer and so she's going up to visit him for 11 days. She's taking a friend with her. She's always wanted to go. Did I mention my mother gets super bad motion sickness. I'm kinda feeling sorry for her friend LOL.

Tanner starts school on Wednesday. (*secret quiet YAY*). He's a good kid and a helper, but I admit I love my alone/quiet time.

OK, I need to get on my tasks so that I can come back later and rant a bit. Maybe not so much a rant, but some "advice" that I have in my head that you know, I have to share.

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