Friday, August 8, 2008


Oh how glad I am this week is coming to an end. It's been a hard/long week. Bitchy people, everyone wants *something*, ppl wanting money, you know, like the school, and the *light company*. Pfft. Where's all this liberal "free love" crap when you need it? LOL

I promised some pics from when we went boating with Cole and Amber. I just now uploaded them to my computer. What a riot.

This is my cute brother in law, Cole. Poor kid, never had any clue what he was getting himself into. LOL. I've never seen him talk as much as he did the day we went on the boat. :)

This is Medusa... Erm.. Amber. LOL. I knew she'd like this pic.

This is Medusa's slightly older and much more beautiful sister. :p

Gene, sitting in the back. I thought the spray was awsome.

Getting ready to take the plunge. No way was *I* going.

Amber and Gene on the floatie thing. Note how amber's side is slightly airborn. LOL. Apparently that's a good thing for her, cuz it was difficult for gene to stay on. Amber was a windsail.

At the end of the day, Amber left her shoes in the boat, so gene piggybacked her across the hot parking lot. LOL

A surprisingly decent video since I was holding the camera up in the air and trying not to fly out of the boat. Very short, but the sound is good this time. I musta hit a button, cuz my sound before sucked LOL.
The pod guy is supposed to come get this storage unit today. he can HURRY UP anytime cuz I have a life... no really. And some chick is supposed to come by and pick up a chair I want to find a new home, but I think I've been blown off twice. Seriously.. *twice* on a FREE RECLINER. What the hell is wrong with ppl?
More later. I have a deck full of stuff that came out of storage that I need to start getting stored away *someplace* inside this house!
POD guy just showed!

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