Thursday, August 28, 2008

I gots skillzz..

Well, I decided to give up on the 365 project. I was not having fun, and it felt really forced. I felt like I had to do something really creative every single day, and I just wasn't feeling that. (sometimes you don't want to have to think about it ya know?).

I am going to continue the 100 strangers project. I just haven't found anyone yet that strikes me enough. I take that back, I did happen across this drop dead beautiful younger woman, and would have asked her but I didn't have my camera with me!!! I was at walmart. Yeah, sometimes they have beautiful women there :p

I decided not to go to my class reunion this weekend. I have too much other stuff going on. I am going to meet with some of the chicks from my class on friday night - going out for dinner. They're going to the bar after, but I'm not interested in that. Saturday I go to Santacaligon with my sisters/mom and then we're going to go visit a friend of ours that freaking cut off his finger!! (circular saw).

Weird thing is, it was the day after I got the miter saw and I just kept having these obsessive flashes all day of cutting my hands, and my hair. I get that once in a while, but not like this. The next day, he cuts off (pretty much) one finger, cuts up 2 other really bad. So we're gonna go visit and say "what the hell is wrong with you???" lol. We're going to call him gimpy or stubby. Maybe 3 finger Jake. We haven't picked a nickname yet.

Going to WW in a bit. Hope I at least stay the same. I've been on track all week (maybe a little loose on the weekend, but not over my flex points) and 2 days ago I was up 5 pounds!! I obviously was retaining water like a camel because I got up to pee no more than SIX TIMES last night. No really. I think that's a record. It couldn't be *all* that watermelon I ate yesterday. Today, I'm back down 4.5 which is not good enough for me. We'll see.

Must be off. Gotta shower so my hair will dry.. it only takes *forever* to dry.


Lily said...

Thanks for sharing. Girl, saws scare the s$#$ out of me. Do you really need one?

Lana said...

Yeah, I need one! I have a ton of trim that needs put up in my house, and you can't do it without one. I actually asked for the miter saw for xmas and my hubs got it for me. It's actually *very nice* and pretty safe, it has a guard on it and brakes when you let off the lever.

I don't have any clue what the friend was trying to do when he cut himself.

My ex's boss a few years ago, cut *off* half his hand. That just kept me awake for a couple nights tossing and turning worrying about him, and for real, he was out of the hospital in a couple days!

Medicine is amazing.

Charleen said...

100 strangers? that sounds fun. :)

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