Friday, August 1, 2008

The Grand Tour

It's done being cleaned. Doesn't mean it's done, it's just tidy today. I'm so happy! Let me give you the tour.
My brand new solid pine door. (all doors in the house are getting replaced to solid)

As you walk in, first thing you see. There's the funky stand gene bought me for xmas, my vintage witch hat I got at a garage sale *for free*, dorothy's slippers, and a vintage dog I bought because I lurved him.

Supposed to be an inspiration board, but kinda ended up being a photo board.

I love old things, thus the odd colors (kinda 40's style). Most of my bears are in here. I also love old dishes, but have to keep myself in check!!

The closet sans doors. I'm going to try to get those back up today.

This work desk was built by us. I bought glass from the shop for the top and then we built racks for the paper underneath. Someday, I'll get that black fabric hung up around it like I intend.

This rack is mostly my new stuff that I just bought/received and my most used/loved stuff, so it's *right there* when I'm working.

I wanted a little extra storage, and a place for the cats, so I made a shelf out of a door we took off one of the rooms. I just covered it rather than trying to make it look super fancy. Jingles loves it. I need 2 cat beds now.

The monograms that hung above the fireplace at our wedding.

OK, I know you're going to ask, so I'll tell the story. When we were living on Lincoln street, we were in the basement one day (garage) and I looked up and saw a bat stuck to the wall. ew. I poked it and it was dead. So we took it off the wall, put it in a bag (with gloves) and took him to work to scare my co-worker. For the record, she wasn't scared :P

So it got hung in *my* office for a long time! It became my little cubicle mascot. There, it was just in a bag taped to the wall. So then the shop moves, and we leave and I can't make myself toss the dead bat because it was such a conversation piece.

One day, I'm in Michaels and found a Martha Stewart (yes that makes me laugh) shadow box - PERFECT for mr. bat. So I brought it home and mounted the bat. And yes, it hangs in my scrapbook room. (for the record he's mummified - I think the cement walls dried him out).

This is the monogram doored cabinet with the doors open.

My sewing machine I've had for around 18 years. I love this machine. I've made so many happy things with it. :)

My baby boy scrapping with me.

The end!


jill said...

What a fun studio! Love all the decorative touches :)

Miss M! said...

There are just so many things at which to look! I'm kinda curious about the clock though...

Lemon Cupcakes said...

What a cute room! I love your collections. :)

KarenSue said...

Love your room, and the vintage touches (except maybe the bat)

but the rest of the room is wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

Your room is really inspirational - everything organized, but with LOTS of personality. The only thing I'd change would be to make the bat a little witch hat. Thanks for showing us your room. Maria

DebW said...

Great room! Lots of space and some really nice eclectic accents!

marshan said...

I love it all!!! especially the bat!!

Erin Bassett said...

Great room!!

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