Saturday, August 16, 2008


Self portraits. 2 of 365.

here was version one. The sky had those fluffy clouds, with a bright blue field and I just couldn't resist. Got out my brollie (umbrella) that I love and snapped me. I was actually in the front yard, I couldn't set the time and make it all the way to the mailbox so I just stuck me in there manually.

Anyway, version one is bright and sunny and cheery... then I played and came up with..

Version 2. Which is what I decided on. desaturated the background, really popped the saturation on me, put on another layer of brown and scratched it up

Done. 10 min slap together jobby.

Gotta run, hubs is taking me out to dinner. No movie tonight, he still has some plumbing he wants to get done. Maybe more later!

Edited to add:

I couldn't stop. It was lacking so I added another layer of burnt yellow. This is what I ended with.

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Lily said...

Wonderful images!

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