Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Senior Storyboard

Last night I stayed up for a while and worked on this:

It's a senior storyboard and apparently all the "rage" at the moment I think I'll offer something like this for my seniors. This one is an 8x10. I have a hard time imagining someone wanting a 24 x 30 of themselves but hey, whatever they want!
Yesterday got a lot accomplished and unaccomplished. Gene called, said he wasn't feeling good, that he'd pick up my beadboard on the way home then he was going to bed.
about 10 min before he got home, I heard a pipe burst under the house (thank god I was here) so I shut off the main to the house and he "got to" spend a couple hours fixing that. I felt bad for him, because I know he didn't feel well. I have water again, but only in the master bath! I have to carry water for a couple days until all the plumbing is completely finished this weekend. *it's ok*
Yesterday I also tried to socialize some mice together. Tanner has 3, and 2 are new (salty died about 2 weeks ago :( ), when we tried to introduce them, Pepper the older mouse kept biting the tails of the other mice. Well, yesterday I got out a big rubbermaid tub and made a playground and put them all in it. they did well most of the time, but Pepper was still being a bitch so I did more research. Come to find out, you need to wait until they are all the same size. The 2 new ones must be fairly young as they are smaller than Pepper. So maybe a month or 2 we'll try again.
Today, going to try to install that beadboard *by myself* :) I'm pretty positive it won't be a huge deal. Just getting it cut down to size will be a PITA tho, as it's very wobbly and loosey goosey. It'll look good when it's done tho!

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