Friday, August 22, 2008

accomplishments - schmaccomplishments!

I'm going to have to quit saying "more later" when I repeatedly do not make it back by the evening. I could have probably posted again, but I was on a roll so I decided to just run with it.

I accomplished a lot yesterday. Here's my biggest accomplishment:

I installed this door in our bathroom! I got it going, and then when tanner got home, he helped me finish it up. We had to cut the door down by 1/8" which was a gigantic PITA.

I also had a big accomplishment at WW. I officially lost 2 pounds which in their books put me at 11 lost total. At home I'm always around 1.5 more than what they show. I'm very happy with that number. 2 pounds a week is 104 pounds a year. wow. I could be done in 4 short years! LOL. :p

It took everything I had not to stop while I was at WW and take some more really cool macros of wet spider webs outside the door. I'm sure they probably already think I'm weird.

I stopped by the storage unit when I was in town, and took some pics of some crap I have in storage so I can get rid of that unit before winter. I have 2 small units right now, and one is only half full, there needs to be some reduction, and some re-arranging and I'll cut that bill in half. Anyway, got some of the bigger stuff listed online for sale.

I also worked in the evening on the girls albums. We started an album called "Today I..." and they would use a pic of what they did that day. It was a nice little craft project, but I couldn't imagine doing that with 15 little girls. 3 was hard. Anyway, it didn't get finished while they were here, so I told them I'd finish them and mail them. I'm wanting to get that last box of junk mailed out tomorrow. Only 3 more pages to go, and then I think I'll put on some page protectors for the pages - a cover layout and I'm DONE.

Today, my goal is to finish trimming out the doors. I have my door on my scrapbook room, but the trim hasn't been put on because no one wants to hassle with assembling the miter saw. LOL. So I'm gonna give that a go today, install all the trim and then probably stain it this weekend.

I also want to get some more items listed on ebay and such, get caught up on emails - then I need to work on my photo website as I have cards to give out with the url, and yet, no website is there. *I hate it when someone does that*. Bad form. At the very least I need a page that says "under construction - visit here" (pointing to the blog).

OK, need to get moving, I started out kinda late cuz I overslept!

I'll *try* to post later. LOL. we'll see.

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