Saturday, August 16, 2008

the things ya see.

Over the past year, I have "collected" funny stuff with my camera phone. You know, funny signs, things that shouldn't be, but yet *are*.

Thought I'd share a few of my favs.

There should be plenty of hicks around here to make that happen.

That sign was up a *long time*.

Get em while they're hot!


she had to be pushing 65-70, had striped short shorts knee high socks and a 1974 hair style. *sigh*. Wonder if she's blind and her family hates her.

I'm so proud.

Something tells me, notsomuch.


Lily said...

rofl! omg, you should publish a book. you have a great eye and a gift for seeing the absurdity in the minutia of everyday life

Lana said...

awww.. thanks Lily! You're so sweet. I don't know about a book, it took me probably a year to see those. LOL.

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