Monday, August 11, 2008

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Preface: I'm in a growly mood, so I shall vent. That's why they call it Lana's blog right?

Things you should know about Lana 101:

1. Venting is annoying. Warn me if you just want to vent. Don't call it "seeking advice" because it's not. Seeking advice means you may potentially follow said given advice. Venting means you want to bitch about your husband/boyfriend/dog/wife/sister et al. I don't mind hearing you vent at all, just give me a heads up first.

If you do actually seek my advice, and I give it, try to actually follow it once in a while. Don't say "what would you do" then never ever do what I'd do. That's just insulting.

2. If you have a bug up your butt about me, do me a favor and tell me to my face, I will respect you a lot more than if you are nice to my face and then call me a bitch behind my back. Saying it to my face, opens the line of communication. Saying it behind my back, makes you an baby.

3. Family is important, and family isn't just family. Family includes friends that have earned the right to be as close as family. "Family" is not something I pass out willy-nilly to the first goob that calls me back. "Family" is someone that's there for me no matter what. Family is not always blood. Family is earned not bestowed.

4. I've always said that it's my job as a parent to raise a child that goes out into the world and is not a burden onto society. Sometimes you do unpopular things to make that happen (unpopular if you're a teen). Someday you'll get it... maybe you won't. Either way, mission accomplished. Parenthood is not a popularity contest. If you want to be your kids' friend, you're in the wrong game.

5. You will never be equal with your parent. Ever.... don't try. Well, I take that back, until you're *old* and the oldest living generation, then you get to be equal to them. You learn as you go along in life. What you think you know at 19, you'll figure out at 47 that you're a dumbass. Unfortunately, there's a 28 year spread there. Every day, if you open your mind, you'll learn a little more about this world than you did yesterday. What I know, is that my matriarch is my grandmother. I will never be as good or as equal as my grandmother, nor my mother. My children will never be as good or as equal as me. Don't read too much into that.. it just means that your children have something that the should look up to and shoot for.

6. Don't rattle my cage. You are warned.

OK, rant over.
Those were all things in my head today and now they're out there for posterity.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the weather was awesome. It was not too hot and there was even a cool breeze rustling through the corn. I hope that's not a sign of an early fall because I'm digging in my heels. I'm so not ready for winter. Winter last year *sucked* eggs.

Laundry, dishes, rearranging clothes to make it all fit all accomplished today. So why do I feel like I ran in circles? Blah.

Tomorrow, we finish cleaning up the guest room, and then going back into the dreaded scrapbook room, which when we emptied storage, anything sort of scrap related was sent to that room for me to sort and put away or purge. *I just did this*. YUCK. At least under the boxes, it's clean... and it's still easier to be in there.

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