Sunday, August 10, 2008

bedlam manor

If you want to spend almost an entire weekend rearranging your house.. buy one of these:

My new oak highboy. Got it for a steal! Of course we couldn't just put one in, and take one out, I spent hours rearranging 3 rooms to get this piece in. LOL. Been doing a bunch of cleaning in the process because that storage pod is now gone, and the things that were in it, I wanted put away, and not just stacked up in the spare bedroom like lincoln logs.

Don't tell gene, but I think all my clothes can fit in that one dresser LOL. I'm scared to give up my 2 other drawers in the other dresser.

So anyway, my dresser got moved to gene's side of the bed, and his old dresser got moved to the spare bedroom, where the mirror could be put back on it. It looks *so much better now*.
I'm going to store some of our extra sheets in here. Right now I've been sticking them in Tanner's closet - which there's plenty room in there - it just makes sense to put in the empty dresser. First tho, I need to take the belt sander to the drawer. That thing has been sticking for *years*. grr.

So the cute little perfect yellow dresser that was in here ($15 garage sale find) is going to be moved temporarily to the living room to use as an end table. I think it will be a good place to store magazines and books as I no longer have a book case (i store fabric in it now).

Then the old end table will be moved to the loveseat, so you can put a drink someplace when sitting there.

Sigh. All that moving around for *one piece* of furniture. LOL.

Most of the stuff that was in storage is put away. I "inherited" about 50 storage tubs (for the record, if you find yourself needing to buy more storage stuff to put your crap in, that means you need to get rid of some of your CRAP instead of just stacking them up higher to the ceiling). Anyway, so these tubs, I don't know what to do with them as most of them are empty. I think I'll dump them in the storage unit for now, and after the storage unit gets cleaned out (which will be soon), I'll donate them all. I hate having too many storage tubs and laundry baskets. It promotes CLUTTER!

And on that topic... I still haev all the office stuff that has to be sorted and put away. That is a priority for this week. But in the meantime. Please revel in the love that is my new oak highboy. Lol.

Makes me think of my mom and dad.. they love oak.

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ChickenNDumpling said...

I love the looks... well re-arranging can i get things done.. moving and unpacking wow that's were i'm at... I love looking thru your blog...

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