Sunday, August 24, 2008

I smell a skunk.



Apparently we're downwind. I won't be able to sleep with a skunk wafting through the air. when I lived in town, it never failed, I'd smell a skunk in the middle of the night at least 2-3 times a week. It would wake me up. Bleh this is stronger, wonder who ticked off the skunk. LOL.

Gene got the plumbing done today... well, back up... it's done except for things like insulating the pipes and strapping them down. Other than that it's done. We also got a whole house filtering system, because I'm so not interested in having a big filter on my sink faucet and he's a germaphobe. He also filled all the little holes around the pipes. we never realized how many there where until you looked at the floor and saw daylight. No wonder we had a couple little furry visitors last winter.

Tanner made his awesome as usual sunday dinner.

Got my trim around the doors done. Finally. One piece kicked my butt hard, but I tamed it. Next, stain. Then I'm going to start straightening up the bathroom so we can seal the tile (finally, it's only be a year) and fix the holes they drilled in the grout after the flood.

Nothing else to report.

See you tomorrow!

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