Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What it's like to be me.

Accompished this today. We've not been feeling well, so it took me a while. Around noon all I wanted to do was sleep.


A conversation with myself today... while painting.

Me 1: I'm down.
Me 2: whats up buttercup?
Me 1: that never gets old with you does it?
Me 2: not really. Sorry, what's wrong.
Me 1: I'm down.
Me 2: I know. You said that. why?
Me 1: I don't know why. I just feel depressed.
Me 2: That's a lie. You know why.
Me 1: I do?
Me 2: Yes. You wished on it.
Me 1: Oh yeah. That.
Me 2: You wished on a star, on something 99% of ppl wouldn't.
Me 1: Yeah, but I really want it to happen, and well, I'm superstitious.
Me 2: Ya think? It's still weird.
Me 1: I know. I was hoping it was just "girl stuff".
Me 2: Girl stuff?
Me 1: Yeah. *girl stuff*
Me 2: Probably.

Me 1: I'm down.
Me 2: yeah... you said that already.

*washing my brushes out*

Me 1: It's almost a full moon.
Me 2: That explains some crap.
Me 1: Shut up.

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