Monday, August 4, 2008

More Seth's Sr Pics

First the good stuff.

These are better than my last batch. I'm happier with these, but not *happy happy*. I've got a few that I think are supa awesome.

And he doesn't have a girlfriend (that I know of anyway). This started out as a larger shot, and while editing it, I saw this smaller shot of his beautiful eyes. I've always been jealous of his eyelashes.

No Parking.
Yeah... whatever.
I itched for a couple hours after this shot (laying in the grass).

LOL! My favorite *of course*. I so wanted to do this shot. He was not playing along and this was literally the *last picture* of the day. So he was getting grumpy, but I am SO HANGING THIS in my scrapbook room. I think we'll probably do the shot again as I do like the pose.


I think I wrote to this blog about 8 times in my head today. It's a "tick off Lana" day. Get in line.

Rather than blathering on about who did what, I'll just say this.... the best quote Stacy has ever said to me, after a big long vent was this "People are disappointing".

yes, people are disappointing. If we all continue to lower our standards of acceptable behavior then our world will be like.... well, what is is right now. *sigh*. All I can do is influence me and my circle. Godspeed to the rest of ya.

Love ya Stacy, thank you for always letting me vent and then saying "good, do you feel better?" :)

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