Monday, August 25, 2008

Michaels 40% off your entire purchase accident coupon

For this week's coupon go here

Michaels accidentally released this coupon. It was supposed to be 40% off one item, but someone fubared, so it was 40% off your entire purchase. They are honoring this coupon! You will probably have to point out that it's an entire purchase coupon and not a one item coupon.

If they give you a hard time, remind them that HQ sent an email out stating they were to honor it despite their mistake. And they're to do it with a smile.

Click on the coupon to get a larger/clearer version.

print 12. Give them to your friends - give them to strangers.

I will probably make it there one day this week. I can think of a whole host of things I'd buy if they were 40% off. :)


Angie P said...

someone lost their job over that coupon mistake

Lana said...


Well, I hope not, but probably!!! We're all human. I say suck it up, and just move on.

I used to be a typesetter, and the advertising reps used to blame us all the time for mistakes, but you know what? a LOT of the time, it was the ad rep bringing the wrong text for the ad!!!

Ahh.. the good old days.

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