Sunday, August 31, 2008

Long time no see!

Hi everyone!

Long time no see, I know it's been a few days, but I've been kinda busy. For starters, I've been hanging out in a site I found. LOLOL... it rocks. I've been having so much fun with them, people that appreciate good photography, scrapbooking, the usual stuff.

I'll give you a hint.. think pizza, scrapbooking, and cats... not to *totally* give it away. Watch for good old "bananapeels" and we'll hang ppl! Please DO COME BY... awesome and we share all the funniest war stories, pictures, pages, and good times!

I keep forgetting to tell you. I went to Weight watchers, gained less than a pound, which I was not surprised by. I had gained like 5 pounds in water weight and got most of it back off.. and as sure as I expected, friday morning I woke up 2 pounds lighter. *very annoying*. so around 13 off now. Very happy with that number, my mom even noticed that i look better. (she does too. she's lost 20 pounds! go mom!)

Tried to be good over the weekend, but it's labor day so I'm goign to have a "few things", but mainly, just tried to pick healthier choices (baked potato instead of fries, etc).

Friday night, went out with some girls I graduated with.

Had to post 2 pics because I didn't know Shelly got left out of the top one. We had a really good time. Wonderfuly people they are. They talked me into going back up to the bar and hanging out. I stayed a couple hours and went home. I'm not much of a drinker and we had to get up early so I didn't stay out too late. I did get to see some other ppl from my class, one guy I hadn't seen in 15 years (and we went to art class every day for 4 years together), so that was really awesome seeing him (and everyone).

I missed the "official" reunion. That's ok, because I got to spend time with my family.

We decided to just jump on the bike and go visit some friends and family. Perfect bike weather. Not too hot, no rain, AWESOME. Seems like everyone and their dog was out on their bikes this weekend. Good times.

Going to Amber's party tonight in a bit. She is having a "garage warming" party. heh. They're so proud of their new garage they built themselves. and I AM proud of them too. Amber was even up there roofing with Cole. I'm impressed, she doesn't look like the roofing type girl.

Went to santacaligon days. We had a pretty good time. I bought some jewelry. (which I'll take some pics later, I forgot), and a couple xmas gifts, I also bought a very cute little picture for the bathroom (the one we're remodeling). Nothing major, but we had fun anyway. It got HOT in those tents. well, not hot as much as there was no air moving through. After our very bleh lunch I felt at one point like I was gonna pass out and had to go outside. I was ok but I was scoping out trash cans in case I had to ralph. LOL. Public ralphing. ew.

Gene's gonna put in my sink tomorrow. I'M SO HAPPY

That's the extent of the weekend so far! I'm sure I'll share more pictures later.

OHhh.. and if you're wondering, the knuckle tattoo is really just a photoshop job (der) LOL. I'd think even a caveman could figure that one out. But thanks for all those that worried about my fingers. They are same as always, tattoo-free, sportying nails and fine jewels LOL

More tomorrow probably!

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