Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Oh September my old friend.

This morning when I got up, there was a note (on a paper plate, which is annoying because it's a wasted plate, but anywayyyyyy...), it said "Captian stupid knocked over a pitcher of water (jingles)". and "There's an huge praying mantis on the front window, great photo op"

She stayed there until around 1 p.m. Here's some of the pics I got.

Not the greatest, but I was kinda nervous to get much closer LOL

Sunday night we went to a garage party at Amber and Cole's house

We didn't stay too late, they were getting ready to play poker, and I knew nothing good was going to come of that as poker tourney would take FOREVER. We got home around 10:30. We had fun, the food was good.

One what? ;)

Keep promising I'll share pics of this or that, so I need to get that done. Just a quick update as I have a bunch of stuff I have to get done today. Mostly photography stuff!

Storm coming through, I might go swimming real quick!

More later - probably.

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