Wednesday, September 24, 2008

That's hot. No. Really.

Self portrait
{reflection in the front door of my house}

{enhanced in photoshop, looks way better now - less reflect-y}

Had another night of not sleeping well. Must be a phase. I didn't get to sleep until late. Did not help a big storm blew through - zapped my modem too!! They were good and out to fix it ASAP.

In the meantime, I decided that I needed to give myself a shot at lightning photography. I've never been lucky enough to catch it before. IT'S HARD! I had a tripod set up in my sink and got these first 2 shots. (about 1-2 min exposures.

I then moved to the living room where there was more activity and got a HUGE one, but it was so big, that it overexposed the image. I enhanced it to the point you can tell that it's not DAYLIGHT...{third image}

{ok, so I played with the color a bit. The green is real, the purple/blue is "artistic license"}

{This color is real}

Not bad for a first shot. Not great, but not bad.

My camera gets hot pixels during long exposures (dots that show up on the image) so I won't be able to do any star trails unless I try film, which I'm totally game for.

Mom came down - she needed new glasses and needed someone to help her pick. She's getting some really awesome red ones with sparklies. I need glasses but haven't worn glasses/contacts since 2001.

We swung by Orschelns, which was a huge score. We only made it right inside the door where they were selling 20x clothes - western wear - good old comfy/quality t-shirts, jeans, etc for .75 to $2.50 *each*. Much over 90% off. We did well, I bought christmas for about 6 people for less than $22.00 (more than one thing per person!!)

Got some samples of pics in from some photo suppliers and they are pretty good. Not all that excited about metallic, but I suspect people will love it

Rest of the day did not get accomplished all the brochures that needed to get printed and mailed, so I guess that will happen tomorrow!

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Sarah C. said...

Great shots! I've never tried to photograph lightning. How nice that you had a fun visit with your mom. Great deals on the shopping. :)

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