Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Schmunday.

Happy Monday!

I like Monday, in that it's a fresh week, and everyone's out from under my feet - I like breathing room. But on the flip side, there's a million things to do because I don't do housework over the weekends (most of the time) so I save it for Monday chores - which there are a lot, so this will have to be a quicktacular post.

Friday, when Gene got home, we had a nice dinner and I decided that the 3 dead bananas had to either become something, or become compost (they were close) so I dragged out the old cookbook and made some banana bread.... and it was yummy, even tho I kept reading the top recipe instead of the second one. "walnut oil.. what the hell?". Oops. hehe. Only slightly off, so the top recipe after I've done that 800 times got a big line drawn through it.

Saturday night, I was scrapbooking and my shades were open. I could *feel* the sky turning orange. So I grabbed my camera and went out to get some shots. Came up with this:

I decided to tweak it a big, and play slightly with reality and came up with this:

Our neighbors on both sides have windmills, you just can't see either that well.

Sunday, we went to mom's and put some storm doors up for her. They look so much nicer, I bet they'll help with her utility bills. Mom made us lunch which was *so good* So much for weight watchers on the weekends. Let's just say, it included peach cobbler. Nuff said.

Speaking of peaches, we went to my Aunt Norma's house afterwards and raided all the peaches/apples/pears that she had on the ground. Apparently she's got so much she can't keep up, so I came home with an absolute TON of peaches. They are small, and white, but man were they good. I need to peel and freeze them because I could eat 15 a day and never get them all ate before they go bad we have so many.

So I nagged hinted enough to Gene while we were at mom's that I sure wish MY storm door had a closure on it, blah blah blah.. that he came home and fixed my front door and it's oohhh so much better. Won't matter much soon, we have to move the whole front deck off so the foundation guy can come in and work. So basically, our back door will be our front door, at least until spring. That bites. The bright side? This house is supposed to be tons warmer. We'll see!!

900 things to do today:
*pay bills
*Go to walmart
*cut up peaches
*bury a mouse (yes, one of tanner's mice died - again :( Miss Butterscotch)
*laundry, including washing some icky storage stuff
*put away the pool

I doubt that's all gonna happen, but I'm gonna give it a running start.

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