Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm semi-still not famous!

Got some business cards done. I originally did something COMPLETELY different, and while plopping in pics, I realized how much I really liked the full card image thing. The old card is not a complete loss, I'll use it instead as a marketing/rep card and it will include a sampling of images.

I do something a little different to get full color business cards.

I make my business card, and them put in in a 4x6 image and have them printed off at a bulk discount place, get them home and cut them apart. I get a large variety of options, without a huge investment.

I wanted a variety of cards, as I could not pick just one image so I picked 9. LOL. (3 were fluff cards I just wanted to see how they'd look). I'm working on my branding and I know where I'm going with it, it'll just take me a few days to get the website done!

Got my external hard drive today, paid some bills, mailed some fliers, finished my cards, did dishes. I still feel like I didn't accomplish enough.

Oh, and I suddenly saw an influx of hits from wordsplosion and realized that the pic I submitted must have been put up on the site "It's Anarchy, Stupid" made the cut. Heh. It's a new site, that makes fun of grammar, punctuation and spelling. I've heard it described as "LOLcats for smart people".

And now that I'm making fun, I made sure to do a spellcheck. hah.

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