Thursday, September 4, 2008

Photo catching up

I've been going through photos tonight and realizing that I have a lot of photos that I've never shared, and a few I missed (I clean out my blog photo file every month).

We love this bread. We rarely buy regular bread anymore. $1.50 a loaf at walmart and we slice it ourselves. Yes it's lots more points, but it's so worth it. It's the "everything" bread in the bakery section in a paper bag (cellophane baggie inside). The light was pretty one day after I cut it, so I decided it needed it's own special photo.

Some of my favorites in this photo. Sunflare (some fake sunflare I couldn't resist), a country road, corn and some mysterious fog. It was not there only 5 min before when I came down that road. The sky was already yellow, but I pushed it more. I'm happy with it.

When the girls were here and we were having our goodbye swim, each one did a goodbye kiss. Well, Tanner gave me a kiss too, even tho he's going nowhere :) Somehow it didn't get uploaded and It's such a sweet picture I had to share.

I love how little in stature he looks, yet you can see how he's starting to look more mature. And I love my shut eyes and letting him give me a kiss on the cheek cuz it's *so not cool* to give your kid a peck on the lips anytime after 11 yo.

He is a really good kid. *He is good to me* He loves me. I love him. I'll keep him (at least 4 more years).

This is Pepper. aka mary mcpoopins. she's cute as a button and goes constantly (it's hard to take mouse photos). She posed for us during tutu day so I could check the light.

I'll let her stay because tanner likes her. I'll hold her less because she poops too much.

Carol told me that she loves the pictures, especially the flower ones, so I found these that I took at Amber's wedding last summer. You'll appreciate them more if you look at them in full size.

Can you find the hidden fly in this pic??? I didn't until I was editing the photo.

I love the pollen.

Some "flying flowers". Tanner spotted about 30-40 butterflies in one spot in the driveway a few weeks back. most of them flew away as I tried to sneak up, but a few stuck around.

I've been working on another project, so I know I've not posted as much, but I've been having some fulfilling moments as a photographer there, so it's been good.

I've got some other photos that I'm going to work on to upload to flickr - maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow. I'll post them here later if I'm not too tired, if I am, then I will tomorrow.

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