Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Manny!

I have 2 boys.

There's the good one... then there's Tanner.


14 years ago today, well, 14 years ago yesterday evening, I was plenty pregnant. I had this "leak". Now for the record, when you're 8.5 months pregnant, having to pee a lot is not a big shocker. I thought, I didn't make it or something. I had to change my clothes... THREE TIMES.

Then I had this pain, and I happened to look at the clock and it was 5:11. Then again at 5:22. then again at 5:33. Then around 5:44 I said to myself... "wait a minute.. that's regular". (thank god it was on the even double numbers because it would have taken me a bit longer to notice lol).

Now for the record, I hadn't finished packing my bag for the hospital, see, Tanner wasn't due for another 3 weeks or so. October 4th if I remember correctly. So I just quietly went upstairs, finished packing my bags, changed my clothes *again* and paid attention to the clock.

I came back downstairs and said to my ex "I think it's time to go to the hospital" and he does NOT BELIEVE ME. LOL. *girls know things btw*. So finally I explain that I think my water might have broke (which fyi, sometimes it's not a big gush of water), and I was having regular pains. So we packed up seth, went to his mom and dad's around the corner.

The window was down on the car, as it was a nice day, and the windows were open in their house and I heard him say "She thinks she's in labor, but I don't think she is."

So off to the hospital we go, and he drops me at the end of the sidewalk to the entrance with my suitcase while he parks. Then BAAAAAAAAAAAAAM.... the first big one.

He gets back, we walk in and I think he's starting to believe it now too. He says to admissions.. "she is.. she thinks.. Umm.. she's..."

I say, "i'm in labor".

So they get a wheelchair, send me down to maternity and around 3:35 in the morning (the same time *I* was born) Along comes this little screaming bundle of energy.

Tanner had to spend an extra week in the hospital, he was jaundice and had a pneumothorax so he had get that cleared up, then the jaundice oh, and he didn't want to eat.

So that's the story of Tanner's birth day.

As a tribute to what an awesome kid I have, I've compiled a few photos to share with you.

Here he is, playing along while testing the light for a shoot.

Gene and Tanner at the wedding. Tanner was an incredible help, and all he cared about was making sure his mom and Gene had a good day (we did, thank you!)

Fun at the lake this summer.

Tanner and his buddies.

In our pool one of a hundred times!

At the zoo, with a rhino.

At the zoo in the aquarium with his mamma.

Happy Birthday Tan-man (which is where Manny came from btw). You're full blown teenager for sure, no turning back now. One year til you can finally get the job you're dying to have, 2 years until you can drive, 4 years til you can vote, 5 years til you graduate, 7 years til you can drink (and your mom will kill you) and a lifetime of greatness.


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