Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Miss Thang...

Now tell me you don't want to pinch her cheeks.


Miss Tayen, my niece (Torrie's daughter). Ain't she a peach? I took my little point and shoot to Santacaligon days and only got 2 pics before the batteries crapped out. Both of Tayen. I just realized I'd never shared any pics from that day.

Spent 4 hours yesterday in storage sorting, pricing, tossing, donating. Going to go back today I thnk the weather will cooperate some more. Still haven't decided on this stupid garage sale yet, but no matter what we do, we'll be ready. It was nice out yesterday, what fall should *really* be. Not too hot, not too cold, sun shining, nice breeze. I just opened the storage door and plopped down. Note to self: take garbage bags this time!

Took some pictures, dragged some stuff home and listed a bunch of stuff on a local free advertising site. If I could get rid of half, I'd be yippy skippy.

Mom called, coming to town so we're gonna do lunch. Gonna try to talk her out of KFC because I don't really like it all that much. Gotta go to the store and buy the things I forgot to buy yesterday, pay some bills and then hit that storage hard again.

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