Friday, September 19, 2008

go... Go... GO! It's Friday!

Have I shared this already? I can't remember
Great! Up 1.25 hours earlier than yesterday. (to bed 1.25 hours earlier too ironically). That's a good start, dishes are already almost done, breakfast ate, cat watered.

A lot to accomplish today.
*Find a photo supplier online, and order some samples
*Do the stupid freaking website.
*Take a shower - no... really.
*Print up some flyers for the biz - and distribute them.
*Pick out new cell phones and order them - which means changing my provider.
*Pay bills (why is this on the list every freaking day?)
*Garage sales? Possibly - i'm in the mood.

Inspired by HB19

HB19 (on a break atm), has some really inspiring photography with not a fancy camera. Worth a look.

OK... channeling Kal - GO!

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