Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Apparently, I can't stop blogging today...

Playing with some photos again. Wanted to have something to submit to pink nature week on Pretty Pink Tuesday. Almost everyone is posting pink flowers. For real... I had zero pink flower pics. Well, I do, but they are from last year (roses gene bought me) but that's burned on a CD and I'm SO not in the mood to drag out CD's. I really want to have all my pics on one drive, but that's another rant some other day.

So, I dragged out the trusty sunset pics. This was the before: (well almost, I saved over the actual photo.)

And here's the after. Changed the color, added some birds, punched the edges, added a sun and sunflare. Completely acceptable.
Someday 200 years from now, a little boy will be sitting on his grandpa's lap saying "Grandpa, why was the world so much prettier back then?" and "Was it dark? Because every picture is dark around the edges." ... *everyone* photoshops. I swear, you can take the crappiest pic and turn it into gallery worthy art with photoshop.. cept me, cuz I mostly use Paint shop pro.

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