Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Just peachy

They smell wonderful. Mmm.

Smallish peaches, so not a ton of meat on them, but wow are they yummy. I have a lot more of those to cut up today before my house gets overtaken by fruitflies!

Big list of things to get done today:
*finish laundry (left some jeans on the line yesterday)
*Pay a couple more bills - have to drag them out
*Bury that mouse - no really... it has to be done
*make Amber's business cards
*Edit a pic of my uncle for my mom (I'll share)
*work on my WEBSITE. Got my hosting sorted out, so at least ppl have a place to *go* now. very annoying. So now I have to work on getting a website in place. As soon as I get it mapped in my head, it will move much faster.
*update the christmas list.... this is a list that I keep of things I've bought for ppl so I don't buy too much for one, and not enough for another. Very important if you're buying in January.
*run by the insurance office for additions to our claim (it never ends and there's still more btw)
*Price some garage sale stuff.

OK, peaches are calling me!

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