Monday, September 8, 2008

A PSA....

Here's a PSA (public service announcement) for you...

Why are we here?

No really, why are YOU here? I assume that when people come to my blog, they have an interest in my work (photography or scrapbooking), that they enjoy my witty or sarcastic view on the world or possibly, they are just bored and following links until I'm found.

Regardless, I'm going to assume that because you are here, you're comfortable with what you read and are happy and supportive of our lives, and the lives we lead. If you are not, then godspeed to you, and I hope that you'll find happiness in other places.

And thank you, because now that when I see you come back, I'll know that you love us, and love the life we have.

Now, boring crap.

Weekend was fairly uneventful. It involved stew *that gene loved*, chili and chillin' mainly. Yesterday, the pool came down *sad day*. It was pretty decent out, and we washed it, laid it out to dry to pack it up today, and now it's raining. Oh well, I'm sure a little rain isn't going to kill it, but I do have a ginormous crop circle in my back yard now. It's icky. Nuff said.

Today, typical monday. Mostly laundry, dishes (always a lot on monday cuz I don't do them over the weekend most of the time), bills to pay, vacuuming and I'm going to work on a garage sale. I think we're going to try to have one this weekend, but I need to check on the weather to see how it's going to be.

I hate garage sales.

I hate outdoor garage sales EVEN MORE.


Are you in need of a 14 foot rolling staircase?
Gene and I have one for sale that we really need to get out of his parent's back yard. I add that in case someone does a google, I seem to get a lot of hits that way. If interested, please leave a comment and I'll email you some photos and a price.

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