Sunday, September 21, 2008

The red chair ... or green... or black. Hell I dunno!!!

Woke up saturday morning, and gene said "I hate to do this, but we should go to St. Joe" LOL.

We need a door for the back of the house, the one we have, of course is crap (because they put the cheapest materials possible into these houses), plus when we get the foundation, the front deck is going to be moved so the back door will be the front door until spring.

Anyway, so we picked out a door, we'll buy it Friday - with a $20 off coupon.

I decided that I needed fabric, that I've looked at 14 times at Joanns but have never bought. I want to cover a chair and do a project kinda like this:

"find of the day"

It's pretty hot anymore, to get a cool chair and drag it around for portraits. About 2 years ago, not long after starting at the shop, we were driving to work and in the morning sun, just perfectly along side the road, with a field in the background, there was a pink wingback chair on the shoulder.

How badly I wanted to just take it's picture, how badly I wanted to TAKE IT HOME. No way was the glassman going to stop, so I let it go. LOL. Now I pine for my lost chair.


But *I* already have a chair. I've had it for about 15 years, I just can't make myself toss it. I finally bought the fabric to recover it. I hope.

I went to Joanns to pick *the* fabric, and decided the best way to do that, was to take pictures of the fabric bolts and pull the ones that pop out of the viewfinder. There were many, then my personal tastes kept getting in the way, then you have two men there, that don't "get it" what you're doing.

those were the 3 final finalists, but after I picked the striped I saw the black:

I still think it pops out at me, but I keep wondering, should I have bought red? I really wanted orange, then maybe turquoise blue, but nothing that was "right" popped up.

And the glassman kept getting more impatient with my indecisiveness. So I went with black.

It'll be good.

I think.

I find this amusing. This is what Gene does to entertain himself WHILE DRIVING HOME. *sigh*. Someday, there'll be a big mangled pile of red neon and a big red smear of ppl, and some investigator will pick up a floating scratch off ticket and say "here's what happen sgt, it's only half scratched off - he won $20,000"

Don't fret, it comes out of his allowance. I don't get it, but it makes him happy.

And while he entertained himself, I entertained myself with my camera I toted along, and thoughts of escaping.

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