Friday, September 5, 2008

Some photo play

I spent this morning editing some photos that I've been meaning to for a while.

This is frannie and Katie, my friend Stacy's daughters. This was an on the fly session for Frannie so it was what she was wearing, with the backdrop I had up.

Here I'm experimenting with a bokah (blurry bits) pattern I'm messing with. It looks better in the larger image. Looking at it now, I think I'll go back and put a lighter layer in the background. I think it looks like spots of light, or fairy dust.... one or the other. This was the pic that I opened first when I wanted to play with the concept.

This is the second picture I opened... and in a smaller image like this, it works better than the first one, but until this second, I liked the first one better.

This is a before and after of this process.

A couple Frannie shots.

Here is the finished edited shot. The girls had just had the chicken pox, and although Stacy isn't much into editing photos and covering up reality, (which I'm ok with), I on the other hand, hate to look at a photo and have my eyes drawn directly to a chicken pox scar.... but that's just me. I wasn't a fan of having pimples in my school pictures either. :) I woulda loved to have the resources back then that I have now.

Here is the before and after of this shot. I have learned, not to shoot black hair with a black backdrop, or I need to at least put a reflector on the other side. She would have been so much cuter on a white backdrop, but since I don't *have* one, or the room to keep a rolled up backdrop in the house, we will improvise :)

BTW, thanks Stacy for letting me experiment on your kids and share the photos here. It really means the world to me, to have such a good friend like you.

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