Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Fall Ya'll

Well it's official.
It's fall (well, as of about 5 days ago).

So I went to Walmart to pick up some stuff, and on a whim picked up a pumkin. Thinking .78/lb isn't bad, probably going to be about $1.50-$2.00.

Does this look like a $5.00 pumkin?

No, not to me either. I about crapped. That would be .75-1.00 at the regular pumpking place. Don't tell gene, he'll crap too. LOL.

Photo - Self portrait with a texture on top, desaturated me, left the pumpkin bright.

Love this photo. Love love.
Linen texture on top.

I filled a bowl on our coffee table with apples that came from Aunt Norma's tree. They smell really yummy, it's almost potpourri. I found some WW recipes for apple crisp, so I'll probably make a bit before they all go bad.

The corn is almost ready. I saw a combine drive by yesterday. I wanted to shake my fist at him.

We have one poor tree that just never looks like much of anything. It loses it's leaves early and they're not even a pretty color, but I loved this leaf this morning, with a tiny spider web on it.

Lots to get done today. I'm trying to get into a Bridal fair next month and I realized last night I have A LOT of stuff to do before then. I have to assemble several albums, pull photos, make sure they are edited. I have to scan some old pics from film, get those edited and printed.

OK, gotta move, killed a lot of time on pics this morning!!

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