Thursday, September 18, 2008

happy happy booty shake dance

I'm so happy!

No really.

We're getting a small insurance check from the flood for some reimbursement, and I asked gene if he'd mind if I would get another lens for my camera that I DESPERATELY NEED. Well, I've desperately needed it ever since Kal Barteski told me I needed it, and since I'm such a lamb, I totally believed her :p

Actually, I have been doing some research SINCE since told me that, and it is indeed what I'm looking for. I bought myself a 50mm/1.8 which will make that pretty bokah in my portaits. Otherwise known as the blurry pieces.

Apparently, last night there was quite a party. I was up late, which I should have been asleep... as usual... and heard trucks and screaming.. Looked outside to see no less than 5 trucks and probably 150 ppl going by. Drunk as a skunk obviously.

Heard more cars later, but thought nothing of it as this is a pretty busy road.

Now, something you should keep in mind is that the sound of an idling vehicle drives me nuts. I dunno why. It will keep me awake even. So when I finally forced myself into bed at 1:30 (because I got myself off onto researching star trails last night thanks to YOU GUYS and was fascinated), I laid there, swearing I could hear a truck idling.


So then finally I heard it move.

Now we've had a robbery last year up the road, and gene's truck has tools in it (which no one but a glass man would want but most ppl wouldn't know that). So rather than waking gene up, because he's not friendly when you wake him up, I got up myself, picked up the rifle and stood on the front deck.

This is how I looked:

Only without glasses.

I could see the headlights up the road and movement through the light, but couldn't tell what they were doing. I finally called the sheriff's dept, and come to find out, I guess they made a mess up the road and the S.O. made them come back out and clean up the mess.

This afternoon, I drove up the road to see what the "mess" was and they'd had a BON FIRE in the middle of the road!!! I totally missed all that. What a crappy cop I'd be. LOL.

And while looking for above said movie, I opened the drawer and saw this sad sight:

Let's see. That one, that one and this one is mine, and all the rest are gene's! That man has issues. This is ONE DRAWER of movies. (there are 2). Sigh. Too bad 90% of them suck.

Stuff to get done, and I'm starting to get a headache. More later if I get time.

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