Thursday, September 11, 2008

good deal x 3

good news. Lost nearly 3 pounds at WW, which makes up + some more for the 2 weeks that I had some small gains. whoop! Back on track. I've learned over the years that *this is how I roll* so I will never be the person that loses consistantly each week. I'd probably be better off weighing once a month but that's not how WW rolls and since it's working, I won't rock the boat ;)

Noticed something on the way to town, our neighbors up the road has their house TP'd and signs in the front yard. Oh signs of Homecoming... already? Homecoming was usually in October when I was a kid - I think. It's been 400 years ago.

Anyway, I kinda thought that I'm so glad that my kid isn't into all that stuff. I'd hate to come home to a house wrapped in toilet paper *then it rains*. I know that my kid(s) is not the football hero - and I honestly don't get from him that he cares. He's the kid that is in collision repair and really likes it. It was a last minute add-on to school and I think it was a good move. Because let's face it, how many kids are going to make a living on their football career and how many are going to make a career on their collision repair class?

OK. Nuff said.

And lastly....

A hot cowboy was in my front yard last night. I snuck up and took a picture of him. hehe.

I couldn't resist because *daaaamn* LOL
He doesn't know this is here. He told me DONT PUT THAT ON YOUR BLOG. And I smiled and said "ok baby".
*evil grin*
(my apologies to his family that is forced to see their dad/brother/son/brother-in-law without his shirt on ;) lol.

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