Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Chill in the air

Once again, I noticed a zooomm sound over the house, it's getting familiar and I know what it is when I hear it now, but I honestly did not expect it so late in the season. What bug could possibly be out there this time of year that needs crop dusting?

Regardless, the duster was back. He would fly really low... dust, pop up over a tree line or electrical lines, pop down and dust some more.... then zoom almost straight up, bank a hard left over the house and then go at it again.

Like I said, it's been chilly here, and we didn't get to ease into it at all. One day it's 90, and the next it's 60 so that jolt is getting difficult to get used to.

I had this overwhelming urge to make chili and stew and there's 3 dead bananas just waiting for someone to make banana bread from them.

Last night, we had king crab, rib eye steak and baked potatoes. A month or so ago, we got a good deal at hy-vee on the crab, leaving me wishing I'd bought it all. Then during our usual sunday morning trip to breakfast at Hy-vee, gene needed to "wash up" which ended up being a polite way of saying he wanted to shop in the meat section. He came back with a basket full completely to the brim. I guess he ended up buying every package of special priced rib eye and several other types of steaks. At least I finally have gotten him to figure out that Hy-Vee really does have better meat than walmart.

Regardless, I told him he's on meat restriction because the freezer is FULL.

Got my monday house cleaning done yesterday except for vacuuming off the couch where mack seems to want to lay constantly and i have a load of laundry yet to fold. Didn't make it to storage to sort garage sale garbage as it rained all day yesterday. Today is nice so I'm going to get changed and head that direction in the next hour. Sort sort, price price, DONATE a bunch (shhh. don't tell him lol). Then try to decide where this garage sale is going to actually end up being held. That's still up in the air at the moment.

And last night, Gene was insistant that I play some Texas hold em with him, which we've not done in a year, so the guilt trip worked and I quickly beat his ass *again*. 2 pair, 9's and 3's. Which of course gave me a huge belly laugh.

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