Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Did you know that cathartic's first definition is "stimulates evacuation of the bowels".... yeah that's how I felt.

Yesterday, I could not sleep.

In my up time, I created this:

Which is another amber/cole pic, with some really cool texture over top.

The main reason I could not sleep was because minutes before going to bed, I finally figured out what I wanted to do for my website. I had been hellbent on doing black, but it just wasn't working in my head.

I saw this awesome business card online, and it sparked a whole host of ideas. yeah, right before bedtime. *huge mistake* So I followed the 1/2 hour rule. If I don't fall alsleep in 1/2 hour, get up. I don't like laying there until 4 a.m. staring into the darkness when at least I could be doing something that's making me tired and I'll fall asleep at 1 a.m. instead. In actuality, it was around 2 a.m. Totally not what I had planned.


I have a good ground now for what I'm going to do with the website.

In the process of looking for the textures I knew I had on my computer, I was in my old files for when I was designing paper. I did not realize several things:
a.) how huge the files were taking up space on my harddrive
b.) how much it was dragging down the computer
c.) how much easier it would have been back then if I'd only added some $35.00 RAM
d.) how cathartic it would feel getting rid of all of it. (well, most of it).

That relationship did not end on the best of terms. Well, for me anyway. I guess I was sold one thing, and got another. There was sleeping on the couch while I uploaded files to the server (which weren't good enough for them even then). There was the president/ceo that was narrow minded about the market to the point I couldn't put witch hats on halloween paper so I wouldn't offend customers. That should have been my first clue. Did I mention she offered me a job? Sorry, that wasn't in the cards - glad I didn't move there for that. -- whole bunch clipped because that's not the point of this post--

Anyway, I deleted it.

I quadrupled the available space on my hard drive. That felt good. I can fill it with pictures. (that and I'm going to buy an external harddrive today which will give me double my harddrive space just for pics. ahhh.. )

Got a lot accomplished yesterday, but the list was long (it was monday), so trying to get that all finished up today.

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