Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Catching up

What's wrong with this picture?


I think it pretty much sums it all up. The ring on the pool is kinda deflating, the floatie has seen better days, the clothesline is empty, the corn is turning and the sky looks like something coming to eat me straight out of a horror movie.


The worst part is, I had to take this photo with a JACKET ON. I'm cold.

Gene called yesterday and said if I wanted to swim, I better do it because the weather was turning cold and that might be it. Well, I was busy so I didn't, then I started to hear the wind pick up, so I ran out and got in a 10 min float. Not exactly how I invisioned waving goodbye to summer, but it was better than a sharp stick in the eye.

I have started to think about pumpkin patches, apple festivals and what people might be wanting for christmas, so I guess that's my way of giving in. No amount of digging in your heels will stop winter from coming. The good news is, it's just turning summer in .au LOL. Let's get a couple tickets.

Here's the vanity all installed. Not the greatest photo, but you can see it start to come together. I had to anchor down the top yesterday, it didn't come with any, so it was a bit sloppy, so I made a brace and put the doors back on. I also did the holes for the pipes. Dead on the first time! *huffs on nails, polish on shirt* Gene did all the plumbing and everything works great. we have the tiniest leak in our drain which we need some plumbers tape for, then we're all good there. That used to drive my ex insane. He hates plumbing and those tiny leaks will send you to a mad house. Thank god for pvc.

You can see that tanner's already been putting it to good use!

Here's this necklace pic I keep promising. I call it my wilma flintstone necklace. (oh she'd be so jealous). My intentions were to put it on for a pic, but that involves me finding the right shirt, fixing my hair, setting up a tripod, doing 14 shots for *the one*. Seriously, not worth it. It's cute, I like it.. that's all you need to know.

Mom and amber both got necklaces at the same booth, then we all wore them to amber's party. LOL. I knew we would.

And lastly, here's the album I worked on for all the things we did in July. Inspired by Ali Edwards. I had to leave out a couple days to make it fit, and some days were doubled up, but I like it. It only needs a title page, and then it's done. No idea what I'm going to do for that. Probably a mosaic of everything that month.

Goals for the day are running errands, paying bills, doing some grocery shopping, mailing some price sheets to customers (huge priority) and cleaning house. Hopefully all those things will happen, have to move away from the computer and it will happen much faster!

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Noelia said...

Your new vanity looks great and I love how your July album turned out. Very neat!

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