Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's things like this that remind me why I love my husband...

for some reason, Gene went outside tonight for something, I have no idea, and when he came back in he said "have you seen the moon? The huge orange glowing moon?"

Tanner said "Oh yeah, I saw it too"

Well, I had to see this big deal.

Of course I take my camera, because... that's what I do. (I'm always thinking of ya.) My first shot, I did handheld. big mistake. I realized it was going to be almost a 1 min exposure.

After 4 shots I got this:

Pretty creepy and eery looking. The neon green "grass" is the unmowed 1 acre we have. It was lit by the street light. The moon for the record, is not weird shaped because I moved the camera (if that was the case, the grass would be blury) it's because it's such a long exposure, the moon is rising, causing the moon to have an oblong shape. If I did a 5 min exposure, you'd start to see a long-ish streak.

Pretty cool eh?

If you have the right equipment, you can point your center at the north star, and leave it on a long exposure for hours - you'll see the stars in a circular pattern around the north star. Check out this link. You'll see some awesome star trails.

So anyway, what's that got to do with Gene? Well, I love that he now "sees" things, and is really supportive of my weirdness. He's cool even (most of the time) when I make him pull the car over. Most of the time, he "gets it". The new project I'm working on, I didn't talk to him much about it, when he came home from work today, one of the pics was up on the screen and he said "that's really artistic".

I'll keep him.

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