Monday, July 28, 2008


After we went to the zoo, we came home and had one last swim in the pool. I bet the girls (and Tanner) spent at least 20-30 hours in this pool while they were here. Totally worth the investment, and we're talking about getting a larger above ground pool for next summer.

Chey was quite proud of her swimming pool dance demonstration. It took a bit of shooting to get our sequence down right.

Grandpa obviously took this pic, and in my opinion is one of the best I've seen him take. I love how you can see we're in the pool, yet the pool is not the focus, and Maddie and I are supporting roles.. good composition gene!

Anyway, we worked 3 weeks with Cade on some "speech therapy" (she will need more when she gets to school). She has problems with S, Y, L, G, C/K, R. We taught her how to do S, Y and L. This is a picture of her saying "Yellow!" (her favorite color).

I will miss them terribly. We had some rough patches and some personality conflicts along the way, but I think we're all better off for them having spent some time here.

It's quiet. That is good and bad both.

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