Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tales from the clothesline

Let's talk laundry.

No.. Really.

I seriously love to hang laundry on the clothesline. It's like an obsession really. I so badly wanted a clothesline on Lincoln St. but instead, all I had was a cheap line strung across the basement. On Buchanan, I had a round clothesline, which is a nice space saver, but it was a piece of crap. I could never get the ex to put up a real clothesline for me.

so imagine how happy I was to move out here and have a clothesline. Granted, it had no line, but it was there... and I stared at it all winter as I did dishes.

It's not as simple as saving $$ by not drying clothes in the dryer. For me, it's turned into a time that I go out and think about things as I hang clothes on the line. It's a repetitive action that's a "no brainer" I guess, so my mind gets to wander and think about the little things, and the big things. Mostly big things.

I rarely go out and think "I need to pay the light bill", I mainly think about things like - How can corn grow so fast, and I wish I had a time lapse camera that I could capture all it's done in a month. -- Where are all the planes going that's streaking across the sky, and when will I get to "escape" again? -- Where am I going in life. -- Why are people so disappointing at times. -- I wonder what my dad is doing.

It's incredibly peaceful and quiet here. I forgot what that was like after living in town nearly 20 years. Seems there's always a car, or a kid, or a stereo someplace. Out here, there's nothing but the wind whipping through the corn and lapping at my laundry. And I think the best when it's quiet (just now I turned off the TV that no one is watching so I could think).

So there I am, at the clothesline, not a sound except the wind, or the bees gathering clover nectar, hanging my family's laundry and pondering the great scheme of life.

Maybe it's because when I'm inside there's other distractions that keep me from questioning and wondering and talking to myself about the big stuff. Instead, I'm distracted by the cat laying on my desk, or the bills that need paid, or the phone ringing.

Being here reminds me that being alone is good too. Not *alone* but alone in the sense of being with just myself. I like that. I've learned to enjoy my time with just myself, and my clothesline gives me time to think about nothing else.

This week?

Totally different.

The clothesline has not been the same. There's been 3 times as much laundry and now the clothesline is becoming a chore instead. When I try to "escape" quietly to the line, it's not long til I hear the thumping of feet running through the house. I hear in my head "They're looking for me". WHERE IS FAUXMA!

Ugh.. could I hide? No, my feet would show behind the towels, and the wind is blowing too hard anyway.

The back door is open and six feet run outside.

"ACK... a Bee is going to sting me, did you know I'm allergic to bees?"
"No, I didn't"

"Where is the pool net, there's bugs in the pool?"
"I dunno"

"Can I have a popsicle?"
"No not now"

And the endless hum of children chatter that interrupts my escape into my own head and I'm reminded that laundry is a chore, not a luxury. And somehow, that sucks.

But in return.. you get a line filled with pretty little dresses all lined up. As soon as they come off the line, and go in the drawer, they are back out and on again.
This picture I'm playing with some filters in Paint Shop Pro. Just making it look more "painted".. something to do. I needed some practice.

I sat down the other night, and made myself a clothespin bag. Looks old school to me. I love the 50's feel of it. The girls were amazed that I can sit down with a hanger, and 1/2 hour later, walk out with a clothespin bag. Sometime I'm amazed too that I have all these things in my head, just waiting to be explored.

Now if I could just get some quiet time to do some exploring!

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