Monday, July 21, 2008

Tales from the clothesline - part deux

Welcome to Maryville Missouri
This my friend, is a freaking bold face LIE. It feels like 196 F. I decided that we needed laundry today. (I usually clean on Mondays) and wow.. no wind, which is nice in a way, because it's been so windy since we moved here. The corn (later) is tall now, and we have absolute privacy, which is making me think I want a big tall fence around my 2 acres. Anyway, it's been an awesome windbreak too. The bad side is, it sucks for laundry day. Breeze is good, but it certainly hasn't stopped the laundry from drying. Instead of blowing sweet country goodness through my skivies, it just burns off the moisture into oblivion. *crispy*
Mmmm... humidity.
Not much time out there to ponder the universe. All I could think was "god it feels like a zillion degrees" and "So this is what the surface of the sun is like".
I worry about Gene out there in the hot working on hot cars. He'll be exhausted when he gets home. I made sure to drag out the huge bubba keg for him (which keeps water super icy cold all day long).
The good news? We're supposed to get a gully washer tonight. Ahhhh... works for me. Maybe it will wash away that critter that is getting into my trash cans. I see a pistol in his/her near future. I hear it at night once in a while.

Had ourselves a little girly photo shoot. I had cuter ones, but madison seems to want to *shut her eyes* no matter when you take the picture (ala Amber ;P ) so I told her to OPEN UP, and this is what I got. Don't you love the messy face on Cade. Didn't feel like cleaning it, as *this is what she looked like*

This is what I was doing when I got followed outside for above photo shoot. I wanted to document the corn. Yes, I know, weird but I've never lived this close to corn. Cows? Yes. Corn? Never. The saying "high as your eye by the 4th of july" is no kidding, this stuff grows like wildfire. The tassels are on now, and the ears are forming. I love the fuzzy husks. They are themselves, tiny pieces of art. Close up pictures reveal tiny hairs and droplets of water, that you don't notice when you're just looking. I love having a high resolution camera. sometimes you find amazing pictures inside of the pictures, which someday, I'll post about.

So the other day at the fair, Cadience was standing there in her little jeans and a t-back tank top with her hand on her hip and a pony tail, and I said to Gene "There's someone that's needing a cowgirl hat". And he could see it too. So off we went to Orschelns, with a 15% off coupon I forgot I had, and came home with 3 hats. No pics of Chey's yet, it was ruined before we got home, it lost it's shape, and we need to return it so that we can get a straw one like the other girls. (Her's was a felt hat).

At-ti-tude! Work it.

Girl boots. They are going to grandma robin's house next, who has horses, so they had to bring boots.

End of a hot day, laying in bed, driving grandpa nuts.

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