Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Warning - quite a long update!

July snuck up on me. Rascally devil.

3 days people! 3 days to ground zero. 3 days to "Cease Fire Ranch" actually making sense across the board :)

So much going on out at the "ranch" the past few days. I didn't realize how ahead of schedule I was until after the funeral. I sat down to "catch up" and realized, that even losing nearly a week of time doing stuff up north, I really didn't have a lot left to do.

Everything that has to be "made" is pretty much done. A few piddly things here and there, but mainly finished with the homemade part.

Now we move on to food. I'm not a bad cook by any means, I just don't *dig it*. I found out last week that Amber digs it, and that's so cool, I never realized she likes to cook as much as she does. She got bored, so she made cookies. I should hired her as my caterer. LOL. (she is bringing a nice dish, unrequested. Little sisters rock!)

So tonight I started cutting up chicken wings. We have around 25 *pounds* of wings. We got such a great deal on them that when we saw them in the store, we changed the menu. So meats will include wings (I might not sauce up some of them), spiral ham and smoked brisket.

Did I mention I bought gene a smoker for father's day? specifically because we wanted smoked brisket. It's not the absolute *best* brisket I have ever had (but that was a reallllllly high bar), but I give it an 8.5 on a 10 scale.


I totally missed the blogoversary! I thought I started this blog in July last year, but it was actually in June! I wanted to do something special for my anniversary... I will after the wedding. We'll call it our 13 month anniversary.

another important anniversary? This house has been in our possession a year now. Well, mine technically, but come this weekend, it will legally be both of ours.

We've accomplished so much here, and still have sooo far to go, but it's been so much fun. I'm looking forward to getting back to working on the house and not making chicken wings and bouquets.


Speaking of bouquets. I'm going to have some really special visitors next week! I won't tell who until after they are here. Of course I'll share pics. I'm excited!


Did I mention I have badly f'ed up my foot? It started hurting at the beginning of summer, but stupidly, I kept wearing my old last year favorite pair of flip flops to the store. It started to ache badly and nothing seems to help.

So finally, my neck was hurting too, and my shoulder, so I went to the chiro and asked him about it. He pulled on it, asked if it felt better and I said no, it hurts *here* (pointing to the center of my heel). "Oh, that's a heel spur".


Apparently, the worn out flip flops and running around doing errands in them was a *bad idea* I've caused my arch to drop pulling the muscle too tightly. It also can be caused by weak calves. Which I find *very hard* to believe in me. I have yet to meet someone that can toe press as much as I can. I have freakishly strong calves (and wayyy too big). I can toe press like 1600 freaking pounds. I quit doing it cuz I got tired of putting on so many plates at the gym. LOL.

Anyway, that might be true too, because I have been having charlie horses recently, but chalked that up to too much diet coke and not enough water. It seemed to stop when I drank more water.

So what seems to be helping most, is wearing tennis shoes. Which looks stupid with capris IMO, but I don't care anymore. Sometimes I wake up and when my foot hits the floor it feels like it's on fire. I should have listened to flylady. I can see her wagging her finger at me... "I told you so".

For those of you that don't know who flylady is, well, she rocks. If you have issues with keeping a house up (even those of you with garbage packed to the ceiling and dog crap all over the house - and you know who you are :p), you need this woman. She lovingly takes you by the hand and reteaches you how to keep a clean house. Clean house, lightens the heart and unclutters the mind. It is *so true*.

My house is not perfection, but I would not be embarassed in the slightest if someone walked in the door this very minute. Even in the midst of planning a wedding, my floors are vaccuumed, the dishes are clean, laundry is wash/dryed/folded/put away, etc etc etc. Oh, and it doesn't smell like a cat box (which is so gross). Sure, I have some moving boxes sitting here and there, and some tools in the dining room, but I'm in the middle of a remodel too. (I can't wait til we get a garage!)

Anyway, if you ever have issues, visit her, just do the first baby step and nothing else. Things get better.


Oh... I had a birthday. I'm *cough*29*cough*. shaddup.

No special gifts, which is what I wanted. tanner made me a kick ass double decker strawberry cake. Thanks sugie peach! Gene gave me a nice foot rub (by my request and took me to La Bonita. We both had "the usual". Oh we were stuffed to the gills. And Amber surprised me with a potted mum! They smell pretty and are a pretty purple color. The florist called to say I had a delivery, and I was *sure* it was Gene. Totally caught me off guard. I told you I had awesome sister(s)!



We got a pool.

We were in the store the other day, and decided to get one on the fly. It's not the largest model, but not the smallest. Enough that you can really get in and have a bit of fun. I've been in it several times this week, and we go out in the evening and have a good long soak and talk. I actually have some color to me.. something other than "pasty white" (which is a color somewhere slightly above flour).

I didn't think I'd enjoy it that much, but It's been really nice. Tanner has been out there several times too. I'll post some pictures when I get them off my camera.

Ohhh.. speaking of cameras! I found my camera (point and shoot) that gene bought me like a zillion years ago. (well, zillion = 2.5). It's a nifty little camera and I still like it. It's so much more convenient than my big xti. AND, it takes video! So I'll be able to share some videos with you now too. Although not a lot because I HATE when someone will do nothing but video blog. Bleh. I'd rather read it.


I'm contemplating starting some new blogs. No, I won't ditch this one, but probably add a couple more. I'm so interested in the concept of blogging for a living. Yes, there are ppl that actually do that... and live off of the advertising. Imagine, getting up at 8, blogging until 9:30 and you're done for the day. OK, i'm sure there's a LOT more to it than that, but hey, it's nice to imagine getting paid for what I already do (lol).

I want to do a wedding one (or 2), and maybe something about living out in the country. I'm still working on that one in my head. Maybe something about my clothesline. No really. You see, when I hang clothes on the line, or take them down, I talk to YOU GUYS. Seriously.. I do. Then, I end up saving them all in my head for a few days and then posting an entirely way too long post that everyone is bored with by the end. *heya if yer still here folks*

I need to set aside some time each day.

Anyway, so I have some ideas for some blogs, and want to explore marketing and advertising some more. But, that's for later this month. I have a wedding to get out of the way, and visitors (see top of this post).

Off to bed with me. My list is shorter than today's, but wow.. still tons to do. Did I mention it includes pink hair? Yes... mine ;)
Pics on that after Friday!

See you this weekend!

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