Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Liberry.... Lirberry.... Libra.... the place with all the books!

yesterday, we ventured to the public library, and only got in trouble *one time*. I dropped my old school point and shoot digital in my purse to take along. I like it still, although I dropped it once a long time ago, and popped the cover off, so now it's loosey goosey and opens on it's own, so I bought a rockin' mini purse for my camera. It's pink.
duh of course.

Anyway, went to the library and the girls checked out a couple books each and also a couple DVD's (which requires a return trip today. bleh).

Check out those cutie pie dresses. Those are the ones that we bought at Penneys. I want one in my size... and a body that would look good in one. (working on that one).

The library has a "barn" in the corner for the kids. Books inside, and then a loft area to go up and read/play in. There's a window up there looking into the lower section. Pretty cool actually, our library just had *books* pffft.

Anyway, so the seat with the glass in it hangs over the actual hole, making a bench. I'm sitting on one side taking pics and chey's on the other side. She gets up and the chair lifts up! ACK. I stand up and BANGGGGGG. Really loud. I knew I was going to get busted, and the head librarian comes upstairs, I said "That was me, I was sitting on the edge and ... blah blah". She didn't even let me finish before she headed back downstairs.

Anyway, that's something you'd *think* would be screwed down. I now am confident that I weigh more than a 18" x 18" x 1/4" thick piece of tempered glass + a frame.

Going back to return our DVD's this afternoon. Maybe "rent" a couple more DVD's. I suck at entertaining small children I guess. Why do kids look at me and say "so now what do we do?" Tanner does that too. HELLO... do what I did.. read a book.

But I was a nerd, and well, that was my big guns and it doesn't seem to be working... *ahhhhhhhhh (running around in circles)*

More today possibly. Depends on my day!

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