Saturday, July 19, 2008

Photo books

I just got today, a photo book I made. I wanted to test out a photo book maker to see if it was something I would want to do more of. Being a scrapbooker and photographer, sometimes you can't get "caught up" on photos getting scrapbooked. I think this will satisfy some of those needs for me, without the time and $$ invested. Plus I love hardbound books.

Anyway, I made this one because I want to make some books to have as portfolios. Small, light and easily transported.

The books are 8 x 8, and I believe they are planning larger ones down the road. On a scale of 1-10, I give these books an 9.

Why am I using so many pics of Torrie? Well, a.) I want to do more maternity shoots and b.) these are some of my favorite photos I've ever taken. I thought they turned out beautiful!

I'm going to be adding photo books onto my sittings, so anyone that does a sitting with me, can also get a photo book for not a huge fee.

Gonna print some business cards tonight, as we're going to the fair and I should keep some with me!

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